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What are the delivery costs and when is it free?
In Poland, we deliver ceremonial cocoa and all our products for free, when the value of the order exceeds PLN 259. In the case of lower order value, delivery costs are as follows:
- Parcel lockers: PLN 13
- Courier shipment: PLN 17
What are the payment methods and transfer details?
We use two reputable online payment operators: payu and paypal, where all popular payment methods are available, such as: fast online transfer, blik, payment and credit cards as well as apple pay and google pay.

We also provide cash on delivery and traditional bank transfer.
Bank transfer details:
Skeppi Tomasz Orzeszko

92 1090 0088 0000 0001 4881 9933
Can I return or make a complaint about the goods?
Yes, you have 14 days to return cocoa and our other products. However, provided that you did not open the package. The exception to this rule is a situation when we have sent you goods of incomplete value (broken or in damaged packaging), then just write to us. And we will make every effort to ensure that you get your money back or wholesome cocoa or any other product ordered by you as soon as possible.
What is the order fulfillment / delivery time in Poland?
Usually, all orders placed and paid for by 12.00 on working days are shipped the same day, and you receive your order the next working day or on the weekend - if you have chosen this form of delivery.
Should I ship ceremonial cocoa and other products overseas?
Yes. We can send our products anywhere in the world. However, shipping to countries outside the EU may incur customs and customs costs for the customer.
Do you carry out wholesale orders?
Yes. We can supply your store or cafes with any amount of cocoa that is in our offer. Current stock levels can be found on our website.
How to prepare ceremonial cocoa?
1. Mix cocoa with hot or cold water / vegetable milk using a blender. For about a minute. This is the fastest method of preparation. Cocoa prepared in this way has a silky texture and a taste similar to milk chocolate.

2. Dissolve cocoa in a pot with hot water or vegetable milk at 80-90 degrees. By making sure not to boil the mixture. Cocoa will be denser and more intense in flavor than in the previous method. This is how cocoa is prepared in ceremonies.

3. Dissolve cocoa in a pot with hot water or plant milk. Bring to a boil and cook for about 3 minutes.
Boil water or plant milk with cocoa for about half an hour. Finally, adding spices and honey. Thanks to this, we will break down the fiber contained in cocoa, and the drink will not be thick.

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Our ambition is to import cocoa powder and ceremonial cocoa from all over the world. We try to import organic cocoa (BIO), but not all farmers can afford to make bio certificates, and they grow great organic cocoa. That's why here you will find simply good cocoa :). Fortunately, all cocoa beans are 100% vegan and kosher.

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