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Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más
Ceremonial Cacao y mucho más
Free shipping from 65 EUR
Ceremonial Cacao y mucho más

How was Chocante born?

I heard about cacao ceremonies for the first time on a sunny August day.
I was surprised that cacao can add a lot of energy, open people’s hearts and make them happier. Why does it happen? Natural, 100% cacao improves blood supply to the brain, invigorates, and adds energy for action. Thanks to it, thought processes become more efficient, and memory and concentration gradually improve. What you can notice after just a few moments of drinking cacao is a better mood. Cacao surrounds you with a pleasant aura of warmth, peace and optimism.

It turns out that about 50 grams of ceremonial cacao are enough to make us feel like dancing and share positive energy with others!

Cacao fascinated me from the first moment, from the first encounter with it. It was then, in August, that Chocante - Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más was born.

Where does the name come from?

It was a cold November afternoon in a bustling pub. It was my Spanish conversation lesson that day. I was telling my teacher about my adventures that I have been through in Columbia while travelling by an aircraft. He was listening very carefully, sometimes giving the only comment 'Chocante!' that means extraordinary, awesome. Our products are exactly like that, just 'chocante'. 

Saludos y Mucho Más
The sincerest cacao lover and founder of Chocante
Tomasz Orzeszko.

Our shop and the wholesale

Our chocolate offer is aimed at all fans of cacao, shop, cafes and confectionery owners. As an importer we can deliver any amount of our product to any specific place. If interested you may get to know more about details of distribution  HERE, clicking on this link you go directly into the shop

Cacao import

Chocante deals with import and distribution of cacao, especially ceremonial cacao that we bring from variety of amazing corners of the world. Beside ceremonial cacao you can find here also powder cacao, cacao butter and other cacao goods, like grains or nimbs y Mucho Más.

Cacao for the organisers of the ceremony

Welcome all organisers of cacao ceremony. We are more that happy to present them the most excellent cacao from all over the world as this is our love and pride to find it as pure and as unspoilt as possible. Only that kind of cacao has this special magninificient power to relax your body and soul and we know it. For ceremony masters and organisers we have special discounts. We are working at the moment on leading very special ceremonies ourselves, we are preparing some special offers for companies to integrate the whole crews. Stay tuned!

Any questions?

EN - Pytanie

Cacao with a discount

Join in the cacao group and come back to us with a discount code. Buy ceremonial cacao, grains or cacao butter at a promotional price. 

The code is hidden among posts on our online cacao group.
Join in
Our ambition is to import both ceremonial cacao and powder cacao from all over the world. We aim to bring organic BIO cacao everywhere. However, we sometimes travel to really wild and faraway places where we also meet extremelly pure cacao farms. Those ones are not labeled with certificates, as very often not tauched with civilisation at all or people there are too poor to apply for them. For sure the whole cacao we sell is 100 per cent vegan and kosher.
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