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Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más
Ceremonial Cacao y mucho más
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Ceremonial Cacao y mucho más

How was Chocante born?

I first heard about cacao ceremonies on a sunny day in August.

I was surprised to learn that cacao can add a lot of energy, open hearts and make people happier. Why does this happen? Natural, 100% cacao improves blood circulation to the brain, revitalises and energises you. It makes thought processes more efficient and memory and concentration better.

About 50 grams of ceremonial cacao is enough to make us want to dance and share the positive energy with others!

I was fascinated by cacao from the very first conversation. It was then, in August, that Chocante - Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más was born.

Why the name?

A cold November afternoon. A bustling pub, and there I was, in a Spanish lesson. I was fiercely telling my teacher about the adventures that had befallen me on the avionette flight to Colombia.

He listened patiently to the story, occasionally chuckling: "Chocante!", meaning "shocking", "extra".

This is what our products are like.
Saludos y Mucho Más
The most sincere cacao lover and co-founder of Chocante
Tomasz Orzeszko

Shop and wholesale of cacao

Our cacao range is aimed at cacao lovers, shops, cafés and patisseries. As an online shop and wholesaler, we will deliver any quantity of the product to your desired location. You can read more about the offer and distribution here, and clicking about, here, will take you straight to the shop.

Import of cacao

At Chocante we import and distribute cacao, with a focus on ceremonial cacao, which we import from many amazing corners of the world. In addition to ceremonial cacao, you will also find cacao powder, cacao butter and other cacao greatness such as beans or nibs y Mucho Más.

Cacao for the organisers of the ceremony

We also invite organisers of cacao ceremonies to join us, for whom we have prepared special discounts. Our offer will soon also include the organisation of unique cacao ceremonies for companies. Stay tuned!

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Cacao at a discount

Join the cacao group and return to the shop with a discount code.
Buy ceremonial cacao, beans or cacao butter at a better price.

Discount code hidden in posts on the group.

Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más

Our ambition is to import cocoa powder and ceremonial cocoa from all over the world. We try to import organic cocoa (BIO), but not all farmers can afford to make bio certificates, and they grow great organic cocoa. That's why here you will find simply good cocoa :). Fortunately, all cocoa beans are 100% vegan and kosher.
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