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Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más
Ceremonial Cacao y mucho más
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Ceremonial Cacao y mucho más

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Skeppi Tomasz Orzeszko
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Blachnickiego 3/8
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IBAN: PL92 1090 0088 0000 0001 4881 9933

Ceremonial cacao y Mucho Más


At Chocante you will find:

Cacao paste, or cacao pulp, is 100% ground beans with no additives, perfect for making chocolate, sauces, cheeses and for drinking in the form of ceremonial cacao.

Cocoa beans - great as a snack to munch on, a healthy substitute for crisps.

Nibs, or hulled, shelled beans, ideal for cakes, ice cream, oatmeal and as a snack.

Cacao powder (non-alkalised and alkalized), containing 10-20% fat.

Cacao butter, 100% cacao fat, an ingredient in many cuisines around the world and a brilliant cosmetic to make your own creams.

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Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más

Our ambition is to import cocoa powder and ceremonial cocoa from all over the world. We try to import organic cocoa (BIO), but not all farmers can afford to make bio certificates, and they grow great organic cocoa. That's why here you will find simply good cocoa :). Fortunately, all cocoa beans are 100% vegan and kosher.
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