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Raw cocoa – properties and magical 42 degrees.

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Raw cocoa – it is worth consuming because it is tasty and healthy!

Raw cocoa(ceremonial cocoa)is a more valuable alternative to traditional chocolate products. You can eat it without fear or remorse. Its charity is determined by a friendlier method of production as well as the lack of unhealthy additives. Therefore, it is included in the group of "superfoods".

Raw cocoa vs processed – the difference in the production process

Raw cocoa does not contain such additives as milk powder, white sugar, flavors, emulsifiers and a variety of coloring agents. During production, pulp fermentation, grain shelling, secondary fermentation, drying, roasting and grinding are performed. It is important that the entire process (including fermentation) takes place at a temperature below 42-45 degrees. Celsius. A raw mass of cocoa is formed, which can be formed, for example, into blocks or lozenges. However, fats are not separated, thanks to which ceremonial cocoa does not lose some of its valuable nutrients.

Raw cocoa consists of antioxidants (catechins, anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins), fiber, mineral salts (magnesium, iron, chromium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, zinc and potassium), B vitamins, vitamin E, oleic fat, phytosterols, anandamide and theobromine [2]. Raw chocolate does not contain gluten and can also be consumed by vegans.

Raw cocoa beans

Benefits of raw cocoa

Happiness, pleasure, greater desire for sex!

Consuming raw cocoa allows you to relax, improves the feeling of pleasure and calms down. Such properties of cocoa are provided by one of its most important ingredients – anandamide. It is an alkaloid that is sometimes called the "neurotransmitter of happiness". The substance has a similar effect on the body as marijuana. In addition, it reduces pain and stimulates sexual desire. Increases self-confidence. It improves the work of the cardiovascular system [3].Ceremonial cocoa also contains phenylethylamine, a compound belonging to the group of biogenic amines secreted in the human body when... we are in love. According to the researchers, both compounds may be responsible for "runners' euphoria", manifested by improved mood, increased endurance and tolerance to pain. Phenylethylamine activates the effects of serotonin, dopamine ("happiness hormones") and norepinephrine (stimulating effect).

Source: The study "Exercise activates the endocannabinoid system" conducted under the leadership of P. B. Sparling published in 2003 showed that runners and cyclists training at high intensity had an increased levels of anandamide. In their opinion, the above alkaloid can cause a state similar to euphoria.

Raw cocoa improves physical and mental performance

Ceremonial cocoa / raw cocoa has a beneficial effect on the regulation of "good" cholesterol, increases physical performance, improves concentration and stimulates thought processes. It has a stimulating and regenerative effect. Such properties are guaranteed by the high content of theobromine, another organic compound belonging to alkaloids [4]. It is estimated that in cocoa beans it constitutes as much as 1.8% of dry matter. The maya and Aztecs have already benefited from the benefits of the plant by making the "drink of the gods".

Learn more about the history of cocoa.

According to, a study conducted by the National Heart and Lung Institute has shown that theobromine suppresses the cough reflex. It also dilates blood vessels. According to at work, entitled: "The relevance of theobromine for the beneficial effects of cocoa consumption" (E. Martínez-Pinilla; A. Oñatibia-Astibia; R. Franco) theobromine is not an addictive substance. It can have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system without adverse side effects.

12x12 pasta kakao sztaba guatemala
A bar of raw cocoa straight from Guatemala

Raw cocoa in the service of beauty

Raw cocoa is a rich source of magnesium. It is an element that is responsible for many functions in the body. The most important ones are to eliminate stress and fatigue, prevent muscle spasms and support the immune system. Less known, but equally important properties of magnesium are to improve the appearance of the skin. The element delays the aging process, firms the skin and ensures its elasticity, prevents peeling and improves skin tone.

Delaying the aging process and preventing cancer

Not only magnesium, but also antioxidants delay the aging process of cells. Such groups of compounds and compounds as catechins, anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins bind free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer. A good antioxidant that can be found in raw chocolate is also vitamin E. It has a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) coefficient, which proves the effectiveness of free radical binding [4]. In addition, antioxidants reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, joint diseases and vision problems [1].

Nutrition of the body

The high content of various mineral compounds as well as B vitamins makes raw chocolate worth consuming for general nutrition of the body. It prevents the occurrence of many diseases as well as anemia as a result of deficiencies. According to cocoa is the best plant source of iron (7.3mg / 100g). There is more than twice as much of it as in spinach and almost three times more than in beef. The content is higher than in skimmed chocolate produced in an industrial way.

The spectrum of beneficial properties of raw cocoa is even richer. This is demonstrated by numerous scientific studies and even the creators of "uncertain" content on blogs or at the edges of the Internet (often paid for by large confectionery concerns) do not raise doubts. It is worth consuming it not only for taste, but also for health. It is a valuable enrichment of the daily diet and a delicacy that can be served without any worries.

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