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Stationary shops with ceremonial cocoa

You can also buy our cocoa in stationary stores.

Ceremonial cocoa in Krakow

A pinch of the Orient

Imbramowski Square

Ul. Imbramowska 179/premises no. 9

Phone: 797 679 979

Ceremonial cocoa in Szczecin

Wineland Sp. z o.o.

UL. Chamber 22

72-006 Mierzyn

Phone: 664 405 038

Because we do not know the stock of our partners. Therefore, please contact the selected store by phone to confirm the availability of cocoa.

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Our ambition is to import cocoa powder and ceremonial cocoa from all over the world. We try to import organic cocoa (BIO), but not all farmers can afford to make bio certificates, and they grow great organic cocoa. That's why here you will find simply good cocoa :). Fortunately, all cocoa beans are 100% vegan and kosher.

Saludos y Mucho Más

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