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Cocoa ceremonies

We invite you to a circle where the true joy and sense of community that you carry within you will be able to awaken. Through dancing, movement, singing, breathing, meditation and healing sounds, you will open yourself to a new dimension of self-expression.

What does the cocoa ceremony look like

The meeting will have an active form – we will start with the kaka circle, where everyone will be able to feel the intention with which they want to go through the ceremony, and then we will undergo meditation conducted with the help of a shamanic drum, rattle, singing and sounds of bowls and bells, and finally we will surrender to the heart during an intuitive dance.

How long does the ceremony last

Usually about four to five hours.

Place of ceremony

We have three options to offer:

In the place provided by the participants
In our place in Krakow In our
teepee, which we can break in the place provided by the participant

How many people can attend the ceremony

We conduct cocoa ceremonies for groups of 5 to 40 people.

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Our ambition is to import cocoa powder and ceremonial cocoa from all over the world. We try to import organic cocoa (BIO), but not all farmers can afford to make bio certificates, and they grow great organic cocoa. That's why here you will find simply good cocoa :). Fortunately, all cocoa beans are 100% vegan and kosher.

Saludos y Mucho Más

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