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Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más
Ceremonial Cacao y mucho más
Free shipping from 65 EUR
Ceremonial Cacao y mucho más

Cacao Powder

Product Category
  • Cacao (16)
  • Ceremonial Cacao (9)
  • Cacao Butter (2)
  • Cacao Nibs (2)
  • Cacao Powder (2)
  • Cacao Beans (1)


  • Criollo (9)
  • Forastero (6)
  • Trinitario (4)


  • Slightly dry (7)
  • Semi-sweet (6)
  • Bitter (5)
  • Sweet (5)
Each cacao is bitter by nature. Nevertheless, cacao flavours differ a lot. Some are dry, some very bitter and some of them seem to be even sweet. Therefore, to make matters easier, we has classified cacao according to some basic varieties of tastes.

Fat content

Fat content
  • 52% (3)
  • 54% (3)
  • 10-12% (2)
  • 100% (2)
  • 45% (2)
  • 55% (2)
  • 51% (1)
  • 56% (1)

África Occidental Orgánico

Bio Cacao Powder

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/ 100 g
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África Occidental Natural

Cacao Powder

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/ 100 g
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Cacao with a discount

Join in the cacao group and come back to us with a discount code. Buy ceremonial cacao, grains or cacao butter at a promotional price. 

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Ceremonial Cacao y Mucho Más

Our ambition is to import both ceremonial cacao and powder cacao from all over the world. We aim to bring organic BIO cacao everywhere. However, we sometimes travel to really wild and faraway places where we also meet extremelly pure cacao farms. Those ones are not labeled with certificates, as very often not tauched with civilisation at all or people there are too poor to apply for them. For sure the whole cacao we sell is 100 per cent vegan and kosher.
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